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lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

Luise von Flotow dicta conferencia en la Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades

Luise von Flotow

El dia jueves 9 de octubre, a las 11:30 horas en la "Sala de Conferencias" de la Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades (Cuarto Piso), dictará una conferencia sobre "GÉNERO Y TRADUCCIÓN", en castellano, la destacada académica y Directora de la Escuela de Traduccion de la Universidad de Ottawa, Luise von Flotow.

La profesora Von Flotow obtuvo en 1974 su Bachellor of Arts en Alemán y Francés por la University of London, Inglaterra. En 1975, su Postgraduate Certificate of Education en la University of London, Inglaterra. En 1985 su grado de Magíster en Francés por la University of Windsor y en 1991, su grado de Doctora en Francés en la University of Michigan, Estados Unidos.

Entre sus publicaciones y traducciones destacan:

Translating Canada: The Institutions and Influences of Cultural Transfer. Canadian Writing in German/y. eds. Luise von Flotow and Reingard Nischik, forthcoming University of Ottawa Press, 2007
The Third Shore. Women's Fiction from East/Central Europe (coeditor with Agatha Schwartz), Northwestern University Press, 2006
The Politics of Translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, co-editor with Daniel Russell and Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, University of Ottawa Press, 2001
Translation and Gender. Translation in The Era of Feminism, (Manchester, St. Jerome Publishing and Ottawa, University of Ottawa Press), 1997.
Croatian translation. Rod I Prijevod. Josip Bencevic I Partneri, 2005.
Chinese translation. Copyright 2002. Shanghai Foreign Languages Education Press
Toward Translation Criticism, translation of long excerpts of Pour une critique des traductions: John Donne, by Antoine Berman, in Critical Concepts Vol. I, ed. Mona Baker, forthcoming Routledge, London / New York , 2008. (with word of warning to translators).
Linguistic Navel-Gazing. The History of an Obsession, translation of La langue et le nombril. L’histoire d’une obsession by Chantal Bouchard, forthcoming 2007, Guernica Editions, Toronto .
Girls Closed In translation of France Théoret, Huis clos entre jeunes filles, Guernica Editions, Toronto, 2005
The Master of the Black Gardens, translation of André-Marcel Adamek's Le maître des jardins noirs (New York, Peter Lang, The Belgian Francophone Library, forthcoming)
Doubly Suspect, translation of Madeleine Monette's Double Suspect (Toronto, Guernica 2000)
Maude, translation of Suzanne Jacob's Maude, (Toronto, Guernica 1997).
The Cracks, translation of Un Coeur Qui Craque by Anne Dandurand (Stratford, Ont.: Mercury Press, 1992).
Deathly Delights, translation of L'Assassin de l'intérieur / Diables d'espoir by Anne Dandurand (Montreal: Véhicule Press, 1991) : shortlisted for the Canadian Governor-General's Award in translation 1992.
Three by Three, editor and translator of short fiction by three Quebec women writers, Anne Dandurand, Claire Dé and Hélène Rioux (Montreal: Guernica Press, 1992).
The Man Who Painted Stalin, translation of L'Homme qui peignait Staline by France Théoret (Stratford, Ont.: Mercury Press, 1991).
The Sandwoman, translation of La femme de sable by Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska (Montreal: Guernica Press, 1990).
Ink and Strawberries, editor and translator of this anthology of contemporary women's writing from Quebec (Toronto: Aya Press, 1988).

Life is a Carawanserai. Has Two Doors. I Came in One. I went out the Other, translation of Das Leben ist eine Karawanserai. Hat zwei Türen. Aus einer kam ich rein. Aus der anderen ging ich raus, by Emine Sevgi Özdamar (London, Middlesex University Press, 2000). Excerpt published in Massachusetts Review, Fall, 1999; excerpt in International Quarterly, incl. $1000 translation prize; excerpt forthcoming in Grand Street.
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The Last Matinee, short story by Martin Walser from Ein Flugzeug über dem Haus und andere Geschichten (Frankfurt 1980) in Social Insecurities, Alphabet City, Toronto, 2000.
The Men and the Gentlemen, by Gabriele Eckart from Weibblick (Berlin 1994) in Social Insecurities, Alphabet City, Toronto, 2000.
The Man with the Matchbox, by Herta Müller from Niederungen (Bukarest 1982/Berlin1984) in TransLit 4, Calgary 1999.
The Young Men Die Before Their Fathers, translation of Vor den Vätern Sterben die Söhne by Thomas Brasch (Berlin: Rotbuch 1976), forthcoming Guernica Editions, Toronto
Das Fremde : Discourses on the Foreign, collection of essays by Gino Chiellino (Toronto: Guernica 1995)